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What We Do

We are a community of faculty, staff, students and fellows who are committed to improving reproductive health. Our areas of interest include reproductive, maternal and sexual health.  The Center hosts five major activities that run during the academic year.  In addition, we host special interest projects aimed at making reproductive science and technology more accessible.

Major Activities

  1. Reproductive Health and Science Career Development Group

The objective of this group is to introduce students and trainees on the UCLA campus to various career opportunities in reproductive health. Our speakers come from within UCLA, as well as from the Los Angeles community.

  • Reproductive Health and Science Monthly Seminar Series

The objective of this series is to provide a format for students, trainees and fellows to present their original research in reproductive science and sexual health and to receive feedback.

  • Distinguished Speaker Series

The objective of this biannual event is to host influential people to elaborate on their work to advanced reproductive equity and positively change the course of reproductive science, reproductive health or reproductive care.   In the Spring of 2024, our first speaker will be LA County Supervisor Holly Mitchell.

  •  Reproductive Health and Science Research Fellowship

The objective of this fellowship is to provide funds for innovative projects in reproductive science  and sexual health research.  In 2023 the Center distributed 14 awards to students and fellows in the Life Sciences and the David Geffen School of Medicine.  

  • Undergraduate Course on Reproductive Science and Health

In MCD BIO 120, learners develop a detailed understanding of the reproductive system in different types of bodies. The course also covers areas of policy that have either enabled or impeded research focused on improving reproductive health.

Special Interest Projects

  1. Art and Science Project

The objective of this project was to commission an artist to create provocative art pieces as a mechanism towards community and public engagement in topics in reproductive health and science.  Our 2024 award winner is MFA student Saskia Baden.