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UCLA scientists receive Chan Zuckerberg Initiative grant to study brain development in diabetic pregnancy

Embryo models are not embryos, say leaders at the new UCLA Center for Reproductive Science, Health and Education

Center Director Amander Clark quoted in The Economist article “New Ways of Making Babies are on the Horizon”

Graphic of mice and cell

Center Director Amander Clark comments on the future of new reproductive technologies

A futuristic scene of metallic DNA strands which wrap around a central petri dish containing a human ovum.

Professor Kathrin Plath receives funding from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine to identify determinants of embryo quality.  Results from this work could be used to improve IVF success rates.

Center Director Amander Clark interviewed on KCRW about human life and personhood

Center Director Amander Clark quoted on BBC News about the importance of LGBTQ+ voices in the debate over new reproductive technologies

UCLA study of public perceptions toward in vitro gametogenesis as a future reproductive technology – Currently recruiting participants

Center Director Amander Clark quoted in WSJ: “Making Medical Science More Democratic”

Illustration of scientists

Center Director Amander Clark provides the biologists perspective for the recent 2023 New York Times Article ‘When Does Life Begin’. Join the conversation!